Trending Condo Fees Statistics and Ranks
Do you want to understand which property management companies are related to the most efficient condominiums?

Condo Fees Ranks Toronto & GTA

The most Financially Efficient Condominiums

and Property Management Companies that manage those buildings

CondoBI Canada team was looking for the best practice in Condo Management.  All condo buildings of Toronto & GTA are individual but we have found some indicators that might give some insights to compare condo buildings based on their relationship between a market value and annual condo fees (costs to keep the building at appropriate conditions) that allow maintaining that market price level.

The main indicator of that ranking is the Value to Cost Indicator:


Market Price, $ per square feet (psf) / Annual Condo Fees, $ per square foot (psf)

$1,500 psf and higher

$ 0.78 psf / month

$1,300 - $1,500 psf

$ 0.75 psf / month

$1,000 - $1,300 psf

$ 0.73 psf / month

Average price $700 - $1,000 psf

$ 0.73 psf / month

Low price $700 psf and less

Average Condo Fees

$ 0.67 psf / month

Condo Fees Categories:

Low Budget

Monthly Condo Fees

$0.5 psf and less

Average Budget

Monthly Condo Fees

$0.5 - $0.7 psf

High Budget

Monthly Condo Fees

$0.7 - $1.0 psf

Very High Budget

Monthly Condo Fees

$1.0 - $1.3 psf

Exceptionally High Budget

Monthly Condo Fees

$1.3 psf and higher