Condo Management Selector page

Rank Companies based on Condo Maintenance Fee
and parameters by your choice!

Which property management companies are the most efficient with owners money providing a decent level of maintenance for the the lowest cost?
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How “Condo Management Company Selector” helps to make the best choice?

As the name suggests, the Condo Management Company Selector is a Condo owners’ tool specifically designed for those interested to understand how much similar Condo buildings pay to maintain a particular set of amenities at the desirable level and which Companies manage those buildings. Which property management companies provide the best efficiency for owners’ money maintaining a decent level of services for the lowest costs.

#1 Select the main criteriums for selection:

  1. Select a Condo size to compare similar buildings or leave it blank to see all buildings restricted by other filters
    Number of Floors
    5 should be selected in the field to see the list of High-rise (5 and higher) buildings or leave the field blank.
    Number of Units
    The number of the Units should be selected in the field to see the list of buildings having at least that quantity of Units or leave the field blank.
  2. Select a set of major Amenities and Maintenance Inclusions (there is the section below “More filters”, if checked, gives the full list of Amenities to choose from)
    Pool, Heat, Hydro
    An appropriate check box might be selected to see the list of buildings having a pool or inclusions or leave the field blank to see a full list of buildings Set of the main amenities and inclusions (pool, hydro, heat)
  3. Select a City or Neighborhood
    A Neighbourhood and City by your choice might be selected to see just a list of the buildings are you interested in.
  4. Select a Management Company
    A Management Company by your choice might be selected to see just a list of the buildings managed by that Company.
  5. Select a maintenance fee
    A maintenance fee by your choice might be selected to see just a list of the buildings that have a maintenance fee lower than your criterium


Checked “More Filters” 

Allows to select any or all possible amenities and inclusions to see a list of the buildings exactly matching to your criteria


#2 Creating a short-list and collecting more relevant information

After getting a list of desirable Management companies, maintenance fee and names of the buildings based on your search criteriums and as the next steps, it would be reasonable to see photos of the buildings servicing that Management Company, search for the information about buildings’ problems and success, visit the building to see how buildings maintained and talk with those buildings owners, or board directors (now it is possible through our And it’s important to compare a few Management Companies and their performance to make the best choice for your Condo building.

We hope our new tools for the Owners and Condo Board will help to make a right choice of a Property Management Company! Enjoy it!