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West End

Costs – vs – Values

Toronto West End. Best Condo Management Practice



2008 year. 213 Units/ 8 flors

Founded in the early 1900’s, this property was originally serviced as a factory, Canada’s oldest toy company. In 2008, Lanterra Developments transformed the building into an award-winning mixed-use commercial and residential space.

Condo Management Major Achievements!

In 2011 year, due to a great job of Board Directors,

condo fee was decreased by 30 %

(from $0.59 up to $0.31 psf)

Condo Fee $0.42 psf/month vs Av. Market Value $1,088 psf

Condo Major Amenities!



2014 year. 438 Units/ 30 flors

Located on Western Battery Road in Toronto. The condo building offers a broad range of high-class amenities, a great location, and comfortable suite sizes.

Condo Management Major Achievements!

One bedroom Unit 571 SF with outdoor terrace, 1 parking, and 1 locker has condo fee 

$352.54 per month!

Condo Fee $0.51 psf/month vs Av. Market Value $1,025 psf

Condo Major Amenities!

The Tower at King West


2017 year. 87 Units/ 7 flors

The condo building Architects successfully complements its beautiful Heritage architecture surroundings, like the Annette Street Library and rows of Gothic houses. All around the building’s exterior, white masonry respectfully recognizes the Junction’s Victorian history in a modern way.

Condo Management Major Achievements!

One bedroom Unit 570 SF with a balcony and 1 locker has 
condo fee  $333.75 per month!

Condo Fee $0.50 psf/month vs Av. Market Value $1,027 psf

Condo Major Amenities!

Best Condos. Duke condos

Information is updated as of August 24, 2021


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