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How Condo Business Intelligence  selects the most effective management companies of Toronto & GTA

Definition effectiveness & condo historical management & board role

but every company has a chance to show its achievements and progress


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  • Methodology

Condo Management

Best Practice Exhibition

Usefulness of the ranking methodology helps condo management companies to showcase their best practice in front of Condo Directors and Owners and convince

why should Condo Directors select your company? is collecting, analysing and ranking the data and examples of condo management best practice to navigate Condo Directors and Condo Owners decision-making process of condo management company selection.

Ranking Methodologies & Requirements to the applications

  1. Requirements to the condominiums showing as a best condo management practice object:

- Absence of current court cases.

- Absence of condominium’s long-term payables (except leasing obligations);

- Healthy reserve fund and all scheduled and needed major repairs and replacements performed in timely manner.

  1. Ranking Methodologies

All condominiums will be divided into groups based on set of amenities and inclusions. Detailed analyses will be performed to make adjustments between groups and appropriate remarks will be created to explain condo directors groups’ differences.

Ranking of condo-benchmarking is based on:

  1. Data supplied by condo management company /or condo manager.
  • Number of years under current management company/ or a manager.
  • Financial progress (condo fees decreasing or any other financial achievements).
  • High Quality Repairs or Replacements below a market price (using new technologies, using public tender to find great contractors);
  • Non- Financial Improvements (anything that improves condo owners’ life experience – save time, improve comfort etc.).
  1. Data gathered from Toronto & GTA Real Estate industry information available to public.
  2. data analysis based on Real Estate industry information.
  3. Condo Directors’ and Condo Owners’ Choices data aggregated from online voting page, direct e-mail voting and social networks voting.

Rating is calculated by aggregating Condo Directors' answers (1–10 scale).

All assessing positions are listed below.

Light green lines data is collecting from condo management companies when they send the application.

Yellow lines data is collecting from Condo Directors and condo Owners.

All other lines data is collecting from Real Estate data available to public (,

Condo Name
Set of amenities
Set of inclusions
Overal Ranking
Condo Fees
1 Year Annual Growth, %
3 Year Annual Growth, % / a Year
Market value
1 Year Average Appreciation of 1000 SF Unit, $
3 Year Average Appreciation of 1000 SF Unit, $
%/a Year
# of Years under current management company/ or manager
Financial Progress
High Quality Repairs or Replacements below market price
Non- Financial Improvements
Above/ Below in the City
Above/ Below in Overal Sample (Toronto & GTA)
Days to Sell
Condo Owners Choice
Condo Directors Choice

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Condo-benchmarking is collecting applications until October 30.

The results will be published until November 15, 2021.

New applications might be submitted later (with individual processing fee $200+tax) and will be assessed individually, according to the same methodology. 10 winners that are already in the listing of the best

Application fees:

  1. One time processing fee - $100+tax.
  2. Monthly advertising rate - $200+tax/month (available until October 300 and $400+tax for later applicants.

The advertisement fee will be fully returned if condo is not gathered enough score to be listed as a best practice example.