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Best condo Management practice. Toronto



1999 year. 121 Units/ 6 flors

Originally, the structure was created in the 1930th, to house the Ce de Candy Company’s manufacturing plant. The factory-to-loft conversion took place in 1999 — making it one of the earlier conversions in the city. The Candy Factory certainly has an edge over other buildings in the city, thanks to its character-filled façade. The cool, light brickwork and myriad of warehouse-style windows call the attention of shoppers strolling along Queen Street. 

Condo Management Major Achievements!

Due to a great combination of  a condo fee and a high quality of maintenance, it takes about 4-11 days to sell an expensive condo $1 -$1.5 mln for 1bd+1.

Maintenance fee of 1102 SF condo is$603.58/month

Condo Fee $0.51 psf/month vs Av. Market Value $1,114 psf

Condo Major Amenities!

Best condo Management practice. Candy Lofts


2015 year. 412 Units/ 33 flors

Chic, contemporary finishes, hardwood flooring, nine to ten-foot ceilings, broad granite countertops that function as breakfast bar and dinner table, a full wall of windows, and a private balcony or terrace. The energetic and relaxing list of amenities. Easy access to Yonge Street nightlife, Queen Street music, and Toronto’s Financial District.

Condo Management Major Achievements!

Studio Unit 558 SF  has condo fees 

261.93 per month!

Condo Fee $0.56 psf/month vs Av. Market Value $1,128 psf

Condo Major Amenities!

Best condo Management practice.  The Mercer Condominiums


2013 year. 486 Units/50 flors

With engineered hardwood and ceramic flooring, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances, Condo building hosts fully modern suites. The building is ideally located at Bay st. with direct access to Yonge Street, the Eaton Centre, College Street streetcars, and the Financial District.

Residents enjoy a comfortable list of amenities, including a variety of function rooms, fitness center, lounge space, and most notably an outdoor pool and sundeck, hot tub.

Condo Management Major Achievements!

Condo building has a wide range of amenities including outdoor pool in the heart of financial district . Amenities  are greatly maintained for $0.59 psf/month. Units stay on sale just 9-28 days and for rent just 5-6 days

Condo Fee $0.59 psf/month vs Av. Market Value $1,149psf

Condo Major Amenities!

Best condo Management practice. Burano on Bay Condos

Information is updated as of August 24, 2021


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