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Toronto Condos Interactive Ranking,
Statistics & Trends

Toronto Condo Fees Interactive Ranking, Statistics & Trends

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~ 88 % Condos in Toronto have CapRate (Net Annual Rental Income divided by Current Condo Market Price) lower than 3%. There is a huge difference between CapRate of different Condo Buildings

But ~ 3 % Toronto & GTA Condos (registered within 2011-2017 years) increased Condo Fees by 71.5 % – 138.6 % for the first 3 years after registration

~ 10 % Toronto & GTA Condos (registered within 2011-2017 years) decreased Condo Fees by 1.5 % – 28.9 % for the first 3 years after registration

Cap Rate lower than 3 % per Year
CapRate 88%
Condo Fees Increase by 3 % Condos
CapRate 71%
Condo Fees Decrease by 10% Condos
CapRate 29%
Condos with the best ROI and CapRate for Investment in Toronto and GTA

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