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Condo Management Best Practices. Toronto & GTA. Award 2021
Condo Management Best Practices. Toronto & GTA. Award 2021
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  1. List your Company’s Best Practice Result or a Progress in a condominium

Condo Management. Best Practice

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Your best managed condo’s photos, videos and  description of your best results and progresses

will help Condo Directors and Owners to understand what exactly have been done in that building.

A proven result is the best reason to select your Condo Management Company to implement your best practice!

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Best Condo Management Practice. Toronto & GTA


might be displayed on the a company’s website, business card and their advertisement.

That Badge is to help Condo Directors and Owners to identify the best Condo Management Companies with proved excellent results.

Just 2 simple steps:

1. Submit your Application until January 15, 2022:


Enter a short description, collaborative information and upload photos about your condo management best practice achievements and click Submit

If you want to apply for a few buildings you need to send a separate submission form and the application fee

  1. Start typing Condo Name and the rest of the condo info will be filled in automatically.

2. If you noticed an error in the data, please enter correct data inside an appropriate field and list the names of the fields you have corrected in the field #2.

3. Financial achievements might be a good combination of a low condo fee and a wider range of services or it might be some progress expressed as condo fee decreased or quantity of services increased keeping the same condo fee level, or providing more  luxurious and expensive services keeping the same condo fee level.

4. High quality Repairs and Replacements provided in financially efficient manner (using new, more effective technologies, or combining a few projects to decrease costs etc. ) is a great example of best practices.

5. Non-financial achievements might be related to:

  • using innovative tools that might help to save condo owners money and to create a TRUST using open public tenders to select condo service providers,
  • or improved communications with condo owners,
  • or owners community involvement in condo management or building improvements,
  • or fast feedback on condo owners problems or complains decreased and owners’ satisfaction rate improved etc.

2. Pay one time Application Fee

to be enrolled 

Please use the same email for Application Fee as you used for your Submitted form to identify the payment

Application Fee

$400+Tax - One time Fee
$400+tax - one time
  • Show you are the best
  • Be noticed and voted by Directors
  • Get Top 10 badge
  • Elevate your business

Wait for Condo Directors’ voting results and the list of Top 10 for each city of Toronto&GTA!