Why Condo Directors Should Select

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Condo Directors are looking for Management Companies and Managers that can make a difference in their Condominium

demonstrating their best examples of financial and non-financial results or a progress

Display your best managed condos to prove


Make a greater impact showing

Why  Condo Directors should invite you?

Show your  best skills to improve condominiums financial efficiency and quality of condo services

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for the list of Top 10 for each of 9 cities of GTA and to implement your best practice in other condominiums!

Condo Directors Choice 2021. Best Practice Exhibition & Ranks

# 1 in Toronto & GTA!

Main Requirements to condos for displaying

– Absence of current court cases;

– Absence of condominium’s long-term payables

(except leasing obligations);

– Healthy reserve fund;

– All scheduled major repairs and replacements needed performed in timely manner.

Methodology of Evaluation

All condominiums will be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Low – rise (1 – 4 floors);

    High – rise (5 + floors).

Financial assessment will be performed taking into account:

1. A level of services (basic, economical, luxury and ultra luxury);

2. A set of amenities and inclusions;

3. Other factors that reasonably might influence on financial KPIs.

Detailed analyses will be performed to make adjustments between groups based on sets of the amenities, level of luxury, quantity of units, size of units etc.

Stage 1. Preliminary ranking will be done by Condo Business Intelligence based on:

  1. Financial indicators supplied by condo management company /or condo manager, data revealed from other sources open to public.

  2. Number of years under current management company/ or a manager.

  3. Financial progress (condo fees decreasing or any other financial achievements).

  4. Data about High Quality Repairs or Replacements below a market price (using new technologies, using public tender to find great contractors);

  5. Data about Non- Financial Improvements (anything that improves condo owners’ life experience – save time, improve comfort etc.)

Stage 2. Condo Directors’ and Condo Owners’ Choices. Data aggregated from:

  1. Online voting page;
  2. Direct e-mail voting;
  3. Voting at condo-social.ca

Final ranking will be based on aggregated Condo Directors’ and Owners’ Voting (1–10 scale).

All positions for evaluation are listed below.

Indicators & Information for Evaluation

Green lines data is collecting from Condo Management Companies when they send an application.

Yellow lines data is collecting from Condo Directors and Condo Owners.

All other lines data is collecting from Real Estate and Government data sources available to public

Condo Name

Set of amenities

Set of inclusions



Overall Ranking

Condo Fees

1 Year Annual Growth, %

3 Year Annual Growth, % / a Year

Market value

1 Year Average Appreciation of 1000 SF Unit, $

% a Year

3 Year Average Appreciation of 1000 SF Unit, $

%/a Year

Number of Years under current management company/ or manager

Financial Progress

High Quality Repairs or Replacements below market price

Non- Financial Improvements

VCI – value to Cost Indicator

Above/ Below in the City

Above/ Below in Overall Sample (Toronto & GTA)

Days to Sell

Condo Owners Choice

Condo Directors Choice


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Download your best managed condo's photos or/and video

To prove a visual result of your maintenance

Describe your main financial and non-financial achievements

To confirm your efficiency, effectiveness and devotion to condo owners interest

Unique opportunity to get in touch with a community of:
Condo Directors

If you have a similar or a better example